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Gloria Steinem’s Endorsement is Something I Cherish

This is a big thank you to Gloria Steinem, who endorsed our new book, In This Together – How Successful Women Support Each Other in Work and Life. I will thank her in person on December 15 when I attend the play “Gloria, A Life” in Manhattan (please join us there), but I’d like to tell you now why it means so much to me that she wrote:

“Whether our problem is isolation in a male-dominant culture, distance across racial barriers, living in front of a computer screen, or all three, Nancy O’Reilly’s In This Together will help us to create community, success, and well-being.”

That’s exactly what I hoped this book would do, and Steinem’s radical idea that we are “linked, not ranked” is the key to women to supporting each other. When we join together around our common goals for women and girls, there’s no limit to what we can do. It’s time to stop allowing ourselves to be divided by income, social standing, race, ethnicity, gender expression, background, or any other differences. As a traveling feminist, Steinem learned “one of the simplest paths to deep change is for the less powerful to speak as much as they listen, and for the more powerful to listen as much as they speak.” That’s crazy talk, right!

Gloria Steinem, as you know, is a feminist activist and organizer who has stood up for her belief in the equality and full humanity of women and men since the 1960s. It’s this simple yet radical concept that underlies women’s worldwide fight for equality. She is a thrilling writer and thinker, author of five books, and co-founder of NewYork magazine and Ms. Magazine, where she still serves as consulting editor. Steinem and I are united in our support for Take The Lead, as they seek to prepare, develop, inspire and propel women to leadership parity by 2025.

In My Life on The Road, Steinem tells stories about the travels and relationships that have shaped her activism. She lived in India as a young woman, and that is where she first witnessed the power of talking circles, where everyone in the village had a chance to speak and listen in turn, and the goal was understanding and consensus rather than winning or losing.

Why Equality for Women Frightens People

Change is about more than uniting people in a movement, though. Steinem encourages others to find their voices, noting, “The first step toward speaking for others is speaking up for ourselves.” By suggesting that women should have equality everywhere, she up-ended the patriarchal power structure. People who have power usually fight to keep it, and feminists became a lightning rod for criticism, controversy and often vocal protests. Even some women have felt more threatened by this idea than liberated.

We write a lot in In This Together about the many gender stereotypes that limit women’s aspirations and behavior. Refusing to accept those limits when writing in praise of the benefits of travel, Steinem pointed out, “Even the dictionary defines adventurer as “a person who has, enjoys, or seeks adventures,” but adventuress is “a woman who uses unscrupulous means in order to gain wealth or social position.”

When people fretted that Steinem was in danger when traveling alone, she pointed out, “Records show that women are most likely to be beaten or killed at home and by men they know. Statistically speaking, home is an even more dangerous place for women than the road.”

Full equality would empower women to provide safety for ourselves and our families, and to pursue any career. Steinem recalls working as the only “girl writer” on a pioneering political satire TV show. Women were – and are – poorly represented in the writing room, she wrote, “probably because the power to make people laugh is also a power, so women have been kept out of comedy. Polls show that what women fear most from men is violence, and what men fear most from women is ridicule.”

Have you noticed that when women gather together, we laugh a lot? When we link together joyfully around our common humanity and goals, it’s a wonderful life! Women are better off now than at any time in history, due in large part to the continuing work of courageous women. We’re keeping it going. Thank you, Gloria Steinem for taking the lead.

Blog Named To Best 50 Women’s Empowerment Blogs 2015!

best-50-womens-empowerment-blogsThe Institute for the Psychology of Eating has just released the 2015 list of the Best 50 Women’s Empowerment Blogs and Dr. Nancy O’Reilly’s blog (formerly know as WomenSpeak) made the list!
Created through the Women Connect4Good Foundation, the blog serves to inform and help women create the satisfying and purposeful lives they want to benefit themselves, their families and their communities. Ultimately, this blog is a passion project that gives women the tools they need to lead empowered lives.
The Institute does fantastic work, and actively supports the wisdom and usefulness of ANY dietary approach that a woman chooses to practice. It is the world’s only online school dedicated to a progressive, positive, holistic understanding of eating psychology and nutrition. Unique and revolutionary in its approach, the Institute teaches students and professionals to effectively work with the most common and compelling eating challenges of our times: weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.
For its commendation, the Institute describes our blog as, “A platform of women connecting and sharing their stories of transformation with one another. Through different voices Women Speak is a hub for connecting and empowering women to change the world.”
I would like to thank both the Institute for its recognition and every woman who reads our blog, benefits from the tools we share, and works with us to help all women live the lives that they deserve!

Enjoyed the Company of Smart Amazing Women

 The Women Speak Open House presented the perfect blend of good food; wine; company and conversation. Thank you for inviting me to attend. I was indeed inspired by these Women of influence. Impressed with their leadership and dedication to what ever they found themselves doing! I absolutely loved what these women seemed to stand for and more importantly that indeed they were willing to stand for something! I saw their beauty, Nancy, inside and out. They greeted me with confidence and warmth as I arrived and when saying goodbye. Nancy you are a woman of power and influence and I thank you for influencing us all!

Charlotte Horsman


Suit Yourself Boutique helps women feel ready for work

Thank you so much for helping my gals with appropriate clothing for interviewing and “on the job” clothing.

You are a complete inspiration to me in all that you give and do to help women have confidence in themselves. With the fact that they know they look “the part,” they are able to feel less self-conscious about their appearance and focus on what they can bring to an employer.

You Rock Dr. Nancy!
Dorothy Robbins, M.Ed., Director, Career Services, Everest College

Supporting a good cause

Thank you for including me in this event. I was moved by the talks and hope that my enclosed check will help in some small way. Not only will I enjoy the gift certificate I purchased, but I know that it is going to help a very good cause. Phylis

P.S. – Thank you for all that you do and give to our community.

Thank you for guidance

Nancy, I want to thank you for your guidance towards finding help for one of our players. I am still astounded and completely grateful you returned my call within the hour. Dr. Fran Anderson seems like a pure delight and most helpful. Thank you again, and know you are a blessing and your hands have been used. Coach S.

You make a difference

Nancy, One of the suggestions from my business coach was to write a note of gratitude to someone in my life that has made a difference. Thank you for being a friend and leader in women’s advancement. I appreciated the opportunity to be even a small part of WomenSpeak. It is a tremendous platform you are developing and has been fun to watch it grow. You have touched so many lives in such a positive way, including mine! Thank you!! Kindest Regards, Paula

Thanks for speaking

Nancy, Thanks so much for speaking at Executive Women’s June luncheon. We so appreciate your positive attitude and continual support of women! What a wonderful role model you are to your own family and the entire community!

Much success on your book in progress.

~~Kathy Pinkley, Executive Women’s Club
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