Gloria Feldt’s Intentioning and How Women Will Take The Lead

IntentioningIn 2010 Gloria Feldt, author, and cofounder and president of Take The Lead, redefined the way women look at power in No Excuses – Nine Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, by putting it into a historical context and showing the ways in which women have made huge leaps forward in the past, only to pull back right when they were at the threshold. Gloria argued that there’s no excuse for women today not to own their power, whether it’s the way women are socialized, or pressured to conform, or work/life balance issues. Women are still facing unequal pay, being passed over for promotions, entering public office at a much lower rate than men, and often still struggle with traditional power dynamics in their interpersonal relationships. Gloria’s solution to all these places where women face inequality is the same: we must shift the way we think about power to achieve true parity with our male counterparts.

The 9 Leadership Power Tools (chapters) outlined in No Excuses serve as a guide for women from every walk of life and have helped them “change the way they think, and therefore the way they act.” Gloria’s power tools are rooted in a sophisticated concept of power. Women redefine it so they can embrace it with intention and use it effectively. This shift from the outdated, oppressive “power over” to the expansive, positive, and innovative “power to” cracks the code that has held women back from leadership parity. For more than a decade the 9 Power Tools have given countless women immediate, usable ways to navigate the world as it is while changing aspects of their world that keep them from advancing.

Fast forward 11 years, and one catastrophic pandemic later, and Gloria is once again sharing her experiences and inspiring women to embrace their personal power to lead with intention, confidence, and joy. In her latest book, Intentioning: Sex, Power, Pandemics, and How Women Will Take The Lead for (Everyone’s) GoodGloria not only unveils the next step in advancing gender parity in all spheres of business and life, she also lays out the vital next steps in the overall advancement of our economy and our civilization.

Gloria’s latest book is not written with the pandemic as a side note or brief historical fact, but instead looks at how recent events have revealed deep fault lines in our culture and the systemic inequities that have always held women back. It comes as no surprise to her that women flexed their formidable muscles when needed most, representing a disproportionate number of essential workers during the darkest days of the coronavirus global outbreak and leading the charge against racism in the U.S. That being said, this book is decidedly about the future, taking the leadership lessons learned from this disruption and creating a better world for all through the power of intention.

In addition to preparing women to lead change, be change, and sustain change, improve their impact, turn obstacles into assets, apply their power to energies, using their ambition as fuel to achieve their intentions, Intentioning also shares the stories of “Intentional Women” (including Dr. Nancy O’Reilly) teaching readers 9 Leadership Intentioning Tools, with tips for implementing them and practice exercises for each.

Through the lens of women’s stories, Intentioning delivers a fresh set of leadership tools, skills, and concepts that help all women reach their own highest intentions. Gloria purposefully creates new norms, while guiding institutions to break through the remaining barriers to gender and racial parity for everyone’s good. It’s a must-read for every woman who is ready to reach for more and help move women’s progress forward in the workplace and in the world. Learn more at


Open Yourself to Healthy Relationships

Relationship2015FlyerFrontMont-2-370x283Do you struggle with relationships? With others and with yourself? You don’t have to suffer anymore. On April 1-3 in Santa Barbara, California, a groundbreaking workshop will teach you how to discover your true self and find relationships that work for you. Relationship N’ You is a seminar designed especially for exceptional women who are looking to create positive and healthy relationships—all kinds of relationships—whether you have a current relationship, would like to create one with a new partner, or want to build new connections with a friend, neighbor, coworker, or an employee.
By identifying the blocks to forming healthy relationships, this seminar will help attendees step away from situations that could be based in doubt, fear, lack and insecurity. One way to remove these blocks is by parenting one’s inner child, which has repeatedly sabotaged past relationships. There are many men and women who appear to be adults when, in truth, there is a young child within them still looking to be heard, seen, loved, and given attention – a situation that must be addressed so it can be healed.  Healing the inner child leads to a fully functioning, mature adult ready for a new healthy relationship. This seminar will also shed light on the different types of soul mates so that you can discover what you are truly looking for and if the one you are with is actually the one!
Attendees will leave with powerful processes to clear away the energies of the unconscious that get in the way of having healthy relationships, as well as various tools to help you move forward – including three different benchmarks that are very beneficial when entering into any new relationship. The final result is great progress towards further deepening in your discovery of your true self!
The workshop will feature Dale Haloway, Master Teacher and Transformational Expert. For more information, go to or call Alex Thomson at 805-893-7401.

Blog Named To Best 50 Women’s Empowerment Blogs 2015!

best-50-womens-empowerment-blogsThe Institute for the Psychology of Eating has just released the 2015 list of the Best 50 Women’s Empowerment Blogs and Dr. Nancy O’Reilly’s blog (formerly know as WomenSpeak) made the list!
Created through the Women Connect4Good Foundation, the blog serves to inform and help women create the satisfying and purposeful lives they want to benefit themselves, their families and their communities. Ultimately, this blog is a passion project that gives women the tools they need to lead empowered lives.
The Institute does fantastic work, and actively supports the wisdom and usefulness of ANY dietary approach that a woman chooses to practice. It is the world’s only online school dedicated to a progressive, positive, holistic understanding of eating psychology and nutrition. Unique and revolutionary in its approach, the Institute teaches students and professionals to effectively work with the most common and compelling eating challenges of our times: weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.
For its commendation, the Institute describes our blog as, “A platform of women connecting and sharing their stories of transformation with one another. Through different voices Women Speak is a hub for connecting and empowering women to change the world.”
I would like to thank both the Institute for its recognition and every woman who reads our blog, benefits from the tools we share, and works with us to help all women live the lives that they deserve!

I have never seen that much participation

Dr. O’Reilly spoke to our Rotary Club about social profit and community collaboration. I have never seen that much participation in the form of questions or club members wanting to visit with the speaker afterward. Dr. O’Reilly’s speech was thought-provoking and we appreciated her time spent learning about our organization and her efforts to make a dynamic presentation.

Andres McKinney, Springfield Rotary

Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D., Creative Energy Options, Inc.

“…an explorer of the human mind…knows how to get to the heart of a subject…a passionate female leader…”

Dr Nancy is an explorer of the human mind and how we all fit into this complex world. She knows how to get to the heart of a subject and guide people to see with new eyes. I found her to be an extraordinary interviewer and more than that, a passionate female leader who wants to help us all become the best we can be.

Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D., Creative Energy Options, Inc.

Stewardship of FLiP

You are a wonder! Thank you so much for all you do for the community and especially for women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. I am so thankful you have taken on the stewardship of FLIP. I am glad you are helping others “GET IT.” I am proud to be a member of the social profit community and glad to share your vision! Go NANCY TEAM!!

Nancy Fazzino, Foundation for Springfield Public Schools

Leading the way to better lives for so many

Nancy has managed to do so much in such a classy way! Watching her as she worked with first the Backpack Program and now Suit Yourself has been inspirational! She probably can’t even imagine the lives she has touched in such positive ways. From the little boy excited and relieved to have a backpack full of food to tide him over the weekend to a very relieved woman trying to rebuild her life and yet not having the appropriate clothing for a job interview, she has indeed made hundreds of people’s lives better. Her presence for women of all ages through her written work and radio work has crossed many barriers and opened many subjects that women have needed to talk about and express. She is leading the way to better lives for so many people.

Roseann Bentley, former Missouri State Senator

Empowering women

When I started volunteering with United Way it was instantly obvious to me that Nancy was well respected among her peers. I’ve often thought she would be a wonderful mentor. She has led FLIP into a new realm–one that won’t be forgotten–while empowering the women around her to play a significant part in its success. Nancy is a very compassionate and lovely woman, and I look forward to “what’s next.”

Pat Dierking, Manager – Marketing/Communication, Springfield City Utilities

A treasure for the community

Where does all her energy come from? Nancy is such a treasure to this community. To me personally, she means a great deal. She helped me get through difficult times and showed me ways to be of service. She sets the mark as a strong woman. Without people like her surrounding me, I would have trouble finding my way.

Sandra D’Angelo, PhD, Director of Missouri PIRC, Missouri Parent Information Resource Center – Burrell Behavioral Health

Working for other women

Nancy is a true joy to be with and an undeniable force who is always working for other women. She has the strength that makes her a leader and she uses that power in a positive way. Her good heart is apparent in the way that she helps others and I feel honored to call her my friend. It’s amazing to me how she stays so energized with family, friends, and work, while still helping others.

Kim Inman, Springfield Cardinals

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