Letter to Mentors after First Training Session

Greetings Mentors!

Yes, it does ‘take a village’ and FLiP’s first mentoring project is no different.

You as mentors are the infrastructure in this evolving process, facilitating another woman’s work and life skills preparation.

We thank you for attending a training session last week. Your commitment to share with, listen to and support our mentees, while giving up precious free time, is priceless.

The mentees have asked good questions about how they should prepare for this session. It’s been very gratifying hearing the enthusiasm in not only their questions, but in their voices as well.

Attached to this email is an overview of our mentees from the intake information <your committee person> received through their initial interview, along with a session agenda for Saturday. The overview also includes which mentor each mentee has been paired with. You’ll notice that we have four mentees that need a mentor. If you have not selected a mentee, please do and send the name to <your contact>.    If you have any questions, please give <your committee person> a call at <your phone #>.

Many, many thanks to <your committee person> for all her work; <your committee person> for taking care of all the details; <your committee person> for bringing the ideas all together in written form.

By influencing the condition of one…we influence many.

Many thanks…

<Your program coordinator>

Planning and Implementing a Mentoring Program

FLiP Establishes Mentoring Program for Women in Transition

Three shoesSpringfield’s Female Leaders in Philanthropy has for several years helped women in transition. The Suit Yourself Boutique, by appointment, has provided each woman referred in by community agencies with several complete outfits of appropriate, gently used, work-ready clothing.

The membership decided to undertake a further mentoring program for these women to help assure their success. The nine members of the initial class of mentees have been referred by organizations such as area technical colleges, job placement services, area career centers, and the United Way.

The women represented age groups from 18 to over 57. Four had high school diplomas or GEDs, some had professional certifications such as LPN or paralegal, one was pursuing an MBA. Although they represented a wide variety of skill sets including waitress, clerical, office manager, hospital LPN, writing, restaurant manager, cook or cashier, auditor, and bookkeeper, only three were presently employed.

In hopes of jump-starting other Women’s Initiative Groups in setting up mentoring programs for women in transition in their own communities, Springfield FLiP shares its experience.

Organizing a Mentoring Program Documents:

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Beginning a Mentoring Program

Initial Organizing Meeting for FLiP’s Mentoring Program

Dr. Nancy shares the preliminary information here. This is a work in progress that we hope may assist others in setting up their own programs.

Springfield’s Female leaders in Philanthropy, a group that Dr. Nancy chairs, has started a mentoring program for women who have been referred to the Suit Yourself boutique and are familiar with FLiP.

Two training sessions were held in June for women who want to be mentors with the first mentoring session held one week later at the boutique.  The mentorees are women who have shopped at the boutique.   These sessions are designed to help build esteem and self-confidence.

Plans include more one-on-one and working with the Missouri Career Center, OTC and Penmac to help with other entry job skills including  interviewing


January 25, 2011

Mission Statement

The Mentorship Program is a developmental, evolving process  to facilitate a woman’s preparation to move into/progress through the workplace.

Location: Suit Yourself Boutique

Title of Program: Workplace Readiness: Preparation

I. Women who are prospects for Suit Yourself Boutique will be our target market for the Mentorship Program.

II. The Mentorship Program will have three components: Readiness 101, Action 102, and Accomplishments 103

III. Component timeline/length: 1 session per week (need to pick night), make-up sessions on last Saturday of month

IV. Co-chairs will Staff and Implement each component

Confirm: Target market, curriculum of components/co-chairs, timeline/length, and start/target date to roll out program.

The program will be interactive-using role-playing, modeling behavior, and mock interviews.

Readiness 101: This session will focus on preparation or workplace readiness, work culture, office environments, filling out job applications, and appropriate behavior in business setting. Appearance (first impressions) and self awareness (walking, sitting, eye contact) and meeting and greeting will be a focus to develop an appropriate skill set for the mentee.

Action 102: By addressing all aspect of interview skills, the mentee will be able to present themselves to their best ability in a wide range of business environments. Emphasis on “no stinking thinking!”  This session will address self-defeating thinking or what is also called “crystal ball” thinking with role playing and storytelling.

Accomplishments 103: Final session is geared toward an individual who has job, but wants improvement, wants to apply for other position, wants more responsibility with current job, etc. Preparation for upward mobility will emphasize performance review and obtaining accurate, honest feedback from current employer. Possible areas: time management, obtaining a different position, other types of training needed for advancement, etc.

One hour class (to cover aspects of all components) will be offered to address large groups, ie. hairstyle graduates, massage therapy graduates, etc.

  • This program will insure the participants have a variety of mentors/role models. As each participant graduates to the next level, they will have a new mentor; this approach will keep any dependency issues to a minimum

  • Mentor training-guidelines and boundaries will be established before classes begin. In training sessions for mentors, the process and levels of expectation (for mentors and mentees) will be established. Participation and involvement are keys to success, and by awarding a tangible certificate as the mentee moves through the program, reinforcement is established.

The program will initially have 5 participants…additional numbers will be determined as the programs grows and implementation is considered to be efficient and effective.

  • Each Mentee will have a follow-up check, once a month, for three months or longer based upon progress and needs of mentee.
  • Packets, with additional pamphlets and information, will be provided.

Additional action items:

1—Need curriculum developed in each class

2—Need co-chair for each component—who will be responsible for class.

3—Need tentative date for START!


This information is for mentoring purposes only. It will not be shared to protect your privacy.

Name:                                                                    Contact information:

You have been referred by:                               Education:

Currently employed:  Yes/no                           If yes, where:

Previous job:                                                      Children:

I am good at ______________________________________

I am most excited when I ____________________________

My interests are ___________________________________

My dream job would be______________________________

You need the most help with getting a job, polishing my skill set, or moving upward with a new job—circle one.

Women Who Help Other Women Are So Amazing

FLiP Female Leaders in PhlianthropyToday I had the privilege to meet with 12 spunky, successful women who are taking their professional experience, their money and  time out of their busy schedules to help women  transition from poverty.  These are just a few of the woman who are helping other women to become self-sustaining women caring for themselves.
They are often alone in the care of their children. By simply donating gently used business clothes to give to women who need work clothes seems a simple way to help other woman.
The mentoring and the exchange that takes place between a woman who has made it and a woman who really wants a better life can be so very powerful.  There can be no better feeling watching another woman find her joy, and surprise that there are so many women who care about her well-being.

Just One Woman Helping Another – That’s All It Is

The Suit Yourself Program is not about money it is about the respect and kindness one woman gives  to another woman.  She gains  self-confidence and pride in herself.  You cannot measure any of this in dollars, gold, or any material stuff.  This is about one woman helping another woman along.  Can their be any better reward?  I think not!

A Simple Way to Help Another Woman

Do not let the day go by without helping one of your sisters along, it can be as simple as a kind word or a  pat on the back.  Make today a better place for woman by giving her a hand up……not hand out….You both will gain so much.  I am proud to say I am one of these woman and the  Women’s Initiative of the United Way can help women who have fallen on hard times pick themselves up and make better lives for themselves and their children.  We all must help to bring another woman along if we want this to be a better world for her and especially her daughter and her grand daughter.

Have a great life…Dr. Nancy
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